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Asked Questions
What is btrt?

btrt is an AI-driven qualitative researcher that seamlessly handles the entire research process, from recruiting participants to conducting video interviews and performing in-depth analysis. It streamlines these tasks with remarkable precision. Most importantly, it's super fast.

What does the output look like? 

We produce a research report with key insights, supported by quotes and video clips from all the interviews - we can customize the report to meet your specific needs. We also provide the full set of interview video recordings with transcripts so you can dive deeper into anything you need.

How much work is required from me?

Very little! As an end-to-end research AI, btrt handles all of the legwork itself. All you need to do is tell us what research you want done and btrt can handle the rest - and our experienced team can even help you figure out what research you need. We can typically deliver a research project after only 1 or 2 meetings with a client.

Is my data safe with btrt?

We follow modern best practices for data security, including that data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We have continual monitoring for vulnerabilities, and we comply with all applicable GDPR requirements. No user data is used to train any AI models. We use modern encryption protocols to safeguard data transmission, regularly monitor for any vulnerabilities, and implement industry-standard security practices.

What is the interview experience like?

The participant speaks out loud and is recorded on video, capturing the nuance and depth of spoken answers just like a traditional user interview. To ensure the participant feels at ease, the AI is depicted through a sequence of simple images instead of a video. It interacts with the participant using both text and voice, fostering a comfortable and engaging interview environment.

How do people like being interviewed by an AI interviewer?

A unique advantage of our AI interviewer is the elimination of scheduling: participants have the flexibility to interact with it at their own convenience, in any time zone, at any time of the day - making it much easier to access a more diverse, more representative, and harder-to-reach set of interviewees.

The interviewee experience is a major focus for us, and participants love talking to our interviewer—sometimes even to their own surprise!  This enthusiasm is reflected in the high ratings they give our interview experience. Check out what some interviewees had to say:

“I'm blown away by just how smooth and natural it felt. It felt no different than being interviewed by a person.”

“When I was speaking to it, it actually didn't feel like I was speaking to something artificial - it did feel a lot more advanced, as though I was having an in-detail conversation, compared to AI that I've interacted with in the past”

"Fantastic. It felt natural, with well-written questions, and responsive additional questions based on my answers. I was able to speak freely and reflect on the questions too."

"My experience has been really brilliant - it's been really astonishing. It's been fluid, seamless and it's been really warm as well - so I felt really relaxed talking to you. It's been quite an awesome experience, I must say."

"It felt very natural and I'm surprised to say that I really enjoyed it. I think having this kind of interaction is a great way to collect information."

"This interview has been very insightful. I quite enjoyed it. It was a two-way conversation. It wasn't just me speaking to to a screen - it felt like a proper interview."

To what extent can the AI interviewer interact and track nuance?

Our AI interviewer is designed with advanced capabilities to interact effectively and recognize nuances within conversations. It is equipped to understand a vast array of subject matters and adept at maintaining engaging discussions. Additionally, it excels at asking relevant, in-depth follow-up questions to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the interviewee’s responses.

We need help recruiting participants. Can btrt help?

Recruiting participants for user research can be a challenging task. Fortunately, btrt can swiftly facilitate the recruitment of high-quality participants from our extensive network of research panels. We can conduct custom screening to target very specific markets.

If you already have an active user pool, launching a btrt study is straightforward and can be done with just one simple link. In all cases, we manage the compensation of participants, ensuring a smooth and efficient research process from start to finish.

Does anyone need to download software or go through installations and integrations in order to use btrt?

Absolutely not. btrt offers a streamlined experience, completely online. Your participants simply need to click on the provided interview link to dive straight into the session, hassle-free.

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